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MultiColor Printing Slotting Machine

Our company is counted amongst the forefront MultiColor Printing Slotting Machine Manufacturers in India. The Multicolor Printing Machine & Slotting Machine is widely demanded in the market as no alternative is available in terms of quality and performance. Additionally, the latest features of the Automatic Multicolor Printing Machine ensure easy operation and low maintenance cost.

Specification : This machine can constitute the double—color, 3—color, 4—color and 5—color printing & slotting machines which can simultaneously accomplish the process of printing, separate cutting, creasing, slotting and corner cutting.


Function of the Printing Part : The drive part of the printing part adopts the big screw and bevel gear drive which increases the strength of the gears and the driving stability under the circumstance of lowering the noise. With 45 for ging—works and quench treatment the drive gears have increased the durability and life, and greatly guaranteed the precision of chromtograthing.The paper—feeding of the drive part of the printing part adopts cross sliding drive. The gears of the print pressing roller and the paper—catching roller adopt the planetary rocker—plate drive device. The gears are normally meshed from beginning to end while the space between the print pressing and the paper catching is adjusted, which does not enlarge the space between the gear—top and gear—side, make the color process (esp. the multicolor process) more accurate and lower the wear between the gears to the minimum.The phase part adopts 360 adjusting while stop working or during warking. The scale will display this two kinds of adjustment which are different from the current phase adjusting, i.e. the driving and jointing part of the large gear adopts 2 bearings to support and joint, which has prevented the sleeve joint of the current gear and the inside—gear—circle from the ends—and—surface moving up and down, easy to lock, short service life and other defects, And the adjusting part adopts the planetary, worn wheel and warn driving method, which has greatly enlarged the drive moment and raised the accuracy of adjusting. Function of Inking Part : The ink distributing of the inking part adopts the rubber roller and the anilox roller inking. The linear velocity has been improved according to the variety of the printing situations of the clients. The thickness of the roller diameter of the anilox roller and the rubber roller has bees increased which has made the rotating speed rate more reasonable, and added the stability of ink distributing during operation and the rigidity of the axle. The drive has also bees improved, i.e. changed to direct drive free the original indirect anilox roller drive. Under the circumstance of the space between the anilox rollers can be free adjusted, there is no space between the gears of the anilox rollers, which makes the linear velocity of the anilox roller and the plate roller keeping consistent from beginning to end, and makes the repeated trace of ink accumulating, inking and the clarity greatly improved. Function of Slotting Part : The slotting part adapts the method of the first slotting and then creasing which is convenient to adjust The moving gear of the knife disk of slotting is inside—install—type which is convenient to operate.

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